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Merlin/Arthur: Late Nights

#no but the first one though #when merlin doesn’t come home at night gaius just /assumes he’s with arthur/ #merlin coming home in the mornings and being all giddy #talking about their lil slumber parties #and gaius being like #boy don’t think i don’t know what you two are doing in the royal chambers #i’m old not oblivious

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Filed under I'm old not oblivious OMG bless that tag Gaius watching merthur is the best but seriously this implies that merlin stays the night with Arthur all the time like Gwen isn't with him this is after their marriage where is Gwen in all of this? not in Arthur's bed he's staying up late talking with merlin

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remember when the avengers was new?

remember how exciting it was to finally have some of our favorite superheros interacting in one movie?

remember getting chills during this scene?


remember feeling like a superhero when the screen went black and the credit music came on?

Please never forget how special The Avengers is. 

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I have been typing Merlin in this document for 70 pages, why the fuck did it spell check this one instead of all the other hundreds “Merlins” ?!?!

I have been typing Merlin in this document for 70 pages, why the fuck did it spell check this one instead of all the other hundreds “Merlins” ?!?!

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prince-pratdragon asked: !!!! GWAINE/WILL!!!! DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE ONLY 2 FI C S with this paIRING IM SO SAD



Gwaine shoos a chicken off the overturned bucket. This is his talking bucket now. “Heard you took an arrow for our king,” he says, raising his arms over head. Gwaine eyes the lad rubbing over his filthy tunic. 

"Yeah, well," Will responses, lips twitching up despite himself. "Suppose not all nobles are full of themselves."

"They are." Gwaine gives a quiet scoff, but also faintly smiling. He had offered Merlin a traveling companion to Ealdor, to visit his mother on her name-day. Introduced him to this Will Merlin gabbered on much about.

Will eyes him back. “You’re a knight,” he says with some finality.

"Suppose I am."

"But you’re not a noble…?"

"My father was," Gwaine amends, rubbing his fingernails over his beard. "But he died for his king, and no one could do a damn thing to help."

The bitterness doesn’t escape Will’s notice.

"And yet you still became a knight."

"It’s my business." Gwaine straightens up, seeing Will roll his eyes. "As it’s yours for protecting Arthur, even though Merlin claimed you hated nobles. I think you acted pretty noble for someone considered lowborn.”

A light flush grows on Will’s face, as Gwaine smile lengthens.

"S’nothing," he mumbles, toeing the dirt off the floor.


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Rule 1: Always post the rules

Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new

Rule 3: Tag 11 new People and link them to the post

Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them.


1. What is your newest fandom?

Er…Captain America, my friend (stares at her through tumblr account) told me about made me read some comics and the movie was awesome.

2. What was/is your first fandom (the first thing you really got involved with the community for)?

I’d have to say Merlin because that’s why I joined tumblr.

3. Do you like wearing hats? Do you have a favorite hat (or other accessory)?

I don’t like wearing baseball caps but I like beanies! My favorite one is a fox beanie. (Grand Cayon photobomb.)


4. Warm rooms or cool rooms?

Warm and cuddley

5. Short stories, novels, poetry, or all/none of the above?

Novels (short stories second, and poems are meh but that’s just me).

Top 5 bands? Or, if you can bear to do it, songs?

In No Particularr Order: The Killers, FOB, Muse, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Imagine Dragons

6. Both honestly and then ideally: Scouting Legion/Survey Corps, Garrison/Stationary Guard, Military Police, or none? (Ignore this if you don’t know anything about Attack on Titan, I suppose)

Honestly: Garrison (I’m a fucking pansy)

Ideally: Survey Corps (I wish i was badass)

7. Which fictional dragons are your favorite - the kind from Game of Thrones? The Hobbit? Eragon? HtTYD? Something else?

Saphira (from the book) for badassery and Toothless for cuteness

8. TV shows, movies, or both? (should i even bother putting “neither” as an option? no? didn’t think so.)

Contrary to what it seems like on the internet, I am a movie person.

9. Any travel plans, either immediate or for the indeterminate future?

Nope, but I want to study aboard eventually.

10. What is most likely to give you an Attack of the Feels type situation?

Merthur. Come on, have you seen my tumblr?


I’m not going to tag people because:

I’m a lazy shit who doesn’t want to tag that many things

I’m a lazy shit who doesn’t want to think of questions.

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My grandma keeps sending me giant packs of gummy bears in my college care packages and it is amazing and I eat them in less than a week.